2015 Season Points System

All 2015 VORRA events will be points races & will be counted toward the Season Class Championships. 

The car number with the most season points wins.  Short Course & Desert events will be scored as follows: 



            15  Points for starting the event

             1  Point for each lap completed.  Laps must be completed under your own power

             3  Points for each competitor in your class you outperformed

                 Top 3 qualifiers in each class receive 3, 2, & 1 points respectively toward season points

               *  Finishing Position Points (see below) 


Example:   12 cars entered in your class; you complete all laps and take first place for the day:

            15  Points for starting the event

            15  Points for completing all laps in 3, 5-lap motos 

            33  Points for finishing in front of 11 other cars (you are the 12th car)

              3  Points for being top qualifier in class

            20  Finishing Position Points                                                                  

            86  Points for this Short Course event



            15  Points for starting the event

            35  Total Points available for finishing the distance required for that particular event

              5  Points per Lap OR 35 for finishing all laps

              3  Points for each competitor in your class you outperformed

               *  Finishing Position Points (see below) 


Example: 12 cars entered in your class; you complete all laps and take first place for the day:

            15  Points for starting the event

            35  Points for finishing all laps

            33  Points for finishing in front of 11 other cars (you are the 12th car)

            20  Finishing Position Points                                                                  

            103  Points for this Desert event



1st        20 points                                                8th      7 points

2nd       16 points                                                9th      6 points

3rd        13 points                                              10th      5 points

4th        11 points                                              11th      4 points

5th        10 points                                              12th      3 points

6th          9 points                                              13th      2 points

7th          8 points                                              14th      1 point 


NOTE:  A minimum of 3 vehicles must be present in order to make a class.  If fewer than 3 vehicles participate in an event, those vehicles will be awarded attending points and laps completed points only. 

Racers who fail to start a race for which they are registered due to a mechanical failure during practice or qualifying receive attending points & qualifying points (if applicable) only.  The event is scored only for the number of racers that actually take a green flag. 

If you feel that there is an error in points calculations you can submit an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You must submit your request for review before the next race takes place in order to be considered.



*          Sportsman can change vehicles only once during a season.

**         Pro Classes can have multiple vehicle changes during a season.

***       If the vehicle is substituted at an event, a regular Team Driver must compete.  Alternately, if a substitute driver is competing, they must compete in a vehicle that has earned points for that team during the season.



 Trophies to be awarded to the top 3 winners at the year-end Awards Banquet. 

 For clarification per decisions made at the 2014 Drivers Meeting, the the Season Champions for each Class and Overall Champions for must enter at least 1 short course and 1 desert event in order to qualify.

 Trophies will also be awarded to Overall Short Course and Desert Champions for the 2015 season.  Racers must enter all events in their respective categories (short course or desert) in order to qualify.

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