Valley Off Road Racing Association (VORRA) was established in 1975 by Ed Robinson as a family-oriented organization.  Wes Harbor is the current CEO and is committed to the philosophy that  “off road racing has its roots in people’s garages” and continues to keep the entry fees to a minimum while maintaining a high quality racing experience. VORRA has always prided itself in being a family oriented organization, and all the trans-generational racing teams are a testament to that principal. Friendly but intense competition is the prevailing spirit.

The organization continues to innovate with their recent 24 hour endurance race and extreme challenges like the USA 500 held in Northern Nevada.   

VORRA is the only organization to offer both short course races and desert races as part of its overall season championship.  Events offer racers the option of competing in multiple classes for Cars, Trucks, Pilots, UTV and Rock Racers. 

We have assembled a comprehensive management team from within for the 2015 season.  With many fresh ideas as well as 2nd and even 3rd generation traditions we hope to provide a season to remember for the 40th anniversary of VORRA.

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