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Hawthorne Schedule


Hello VORRA Racers, Volunteers, and Fans. I wanted to take the time to share some information about the upcoming season and beyond. As many of you are aware Hammerking Productions has acquired VORRA from Wes and Jenny Harbor. My name is Dave Cole and I am the co-founder and President of Hammerking (King of the Hammers and Ultra4 Racing). I am sorry for the tardiness in this communication but I wanted to make sure everything was set before we started announcing things.

I am honored to be associated with a Racing Organization with the history of VORRA. I am excited to celebrate our past and hopefully ensure a successful future for Desert and Short Course Racing in the Northern Nevada/California area. I am committed to every existing class of racing that we currently have and potentially expanding in the future. I intend to operate VORRA wholly separate from Ultra4 but obviously leverage the partnerships and knowledge we’ve gained on that side of the fence.

I am not alone in this venture. Aside from what I hope is a continued partnership with the existing Vorrateers, I am joined by Jennifer Coleman from NORRA who will be handling Racer Registration and John Goodby from NorCal Rock Racing who will be handling the Short Course events. We will be leveraging the Marketing and Race Ops staff that we have built to support the Ultra4 Series as well.

Lets talk about dollars and cents. Entry fees for 2016 will be $600 for Long Course and $400 for Short Course. There will be a 20% discount if you commit to the whole season ($480/$320). There will be a 30% Purse Payback. 20% will be paid race by race. 10% will be held back for the Class/Season Championships. The Sportsman Class will continue at $500/$300 with no payback. I am a strong believer in under promise/over deliver, as such I have not begun to push sponsorship for the series yet. Once we begin marketing and developing ancillary revenue those benefits will be passed along to the racers as well. As we all know, we aren’t going to get rich racing in the desert, but you do deserve to be rewarded for success. Another principle I have built Ultra4 on is that my best salesman are my racers. If we value your efforts and give you and a good and safe place to race, you’ll come back and bring friends. That is how we will grow.

I am an extremely direct person. You will never have to wonder what’s on my mind or what the plan is. If you have any questions you can call me day or night on my cell. Racer, staff, or fan. 909 273 0216. You might not always like the answer but I promise to be as fair as possible. Over the next few weeks we will get into a communication pattern. I’m not on Facebook but we will be using it extensively as an organization as well as emails and such. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Registration will open in the next couple of days for all of our races. I look forward to seeing you in the dirt.

Lastly, I want to thank Wes and Jenny for entrusting us. It’s not an easy job promoting races. Everyone that has had the opportunity to take a Green Flag at a VORRA race for the last eight years, owes them their gratitude as well.

Talk to you soon and regards,

 -Dave Cole


2016 Schedule (Revised 2-26-16)


4/30-5/1 Short Course Race @ Prairie City OHV Park Rancho Cordova, CA


5/28-5/29 225 mile Desert Race, Hawthorne, NV


7/16-7/17 Short Course Race @ Wild West Motorsports Park Reno, NV


9/3-9/4 250 mile Desert Race, Fallon NV


9/24-9/25 Short Course Race @ Prairie City OHV Park Rancho Cordova, CA

10/29-10/30 Short Course Race @ Prairie City OHV Park Rancho Cordova, CA

2015 VORRA Sponsors

Silver State Forklift

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